Puppy Info & FAQ’s

We are happy to provide all of our families with important information about the puppy buying process and what you can expect from Padgett's Hill Puppies during your selection process.  The experience we provide involves a number of important decisions that you will ultimately decide. The good news is that we are awesome and we are here to help!  Below you will find a number of common questions we get asked along with some sample documents for your review before you make your decision.   As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have and will respond to any questions ASAP (24hrs)

Pre-Reservation Questions

1How does Puppy selection work?
Once you complete our application process and submit you signed deposit agreement you will recieve your litter reservation confirmation indicating your selection order #. Litters are reserved on a first come first serve basis meaning the order in which your deposit is recieved will be the order in which your puppy selection is available. IE: if you are the second deposit on a litter you will be given the 2nd selection :)
2Will I get a copy of my contract/agreement?
Yes, All of our contracts are sent securely using docusign and copies of all agreements are sent upon signature. If you ever would like a copy of your agreement we are happy to provide them upon request :)
3Once I select a puppy will I continue to get updated pictures and info?
Absolutely! we offer all of our liiter reservations access to our litter picture on Flikr where you can access weekly updates on the progress of your new best friend.

Puppy Selection ?s

1When can I meet the litter and select my puppy?
Great Question! Once we have recieved your litter deposit confirmation we will begin to schedule litter selections. Depending on your selection order you will meet all available puppies during litter selection at 6 weeks from birth ( 2 weeks before pickup)
2What Day / Time / Location is our selection.
We are a working farm and have an awesome family w/ a full weekly schedule ( kids, dogs, horses, cows etc) We schedule all of our selections ( and pickups) on the weekends. We also provide virtual selections through Zoom, Facetime & Google Meet upon request.

Puppy Pickup ?s

1Whats up with my pup?
All is well all is swell!

PHP Owner FAQs

1Whats up with my pup?
All is well all is swell!